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Algebra Web Site Resources:

Bittinger/Ellenbogen Algebra
A series of three online books to help students and teachers in Elementary, Intermediate and Combined Algebra courses. 'This series not only provides students with the tools necessary to learn and understand math, but also provides them with a front row seat of how math works in the world around them.' You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents.

Even and Odd Functions
Explains and gives many examples of what Even and Odd Functions are.

Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica
A collection of downloadable Mathematica packages 'that enable one to work with concepts from abstract algebra (including groups, rings, fields, and morphisms).

IFS Playground
The start page for the Iterated Functions System Playground, a system that provides an interactive interface to IFS systems.

Solving the Quintic with Mathematica
Contains an interactive poster and directions for solving the Quintic. High speed modem necessary for the poster.

S.O.S. Algebra
S.O.S. can help you master your Alegbra equations.

My site contains much interesting information on: Math: Fractals, Polyhedra, A working 4 dimensional Rubik's cube, A 4-color "proof" puzzle, and more.


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