Who is Professor Cooper?

Professor Cooper is AboutSchool.com's Virtual Professor.  He can answer a lot of questions about school subjects or at least point you in the right direction.

How do I ask him a question?

In the question box above (labeled "Q"), type a question and then click the "Ask" button. Professor Cooper will then reply to your question in the top text box.


What can I ask him?

Professor Cooper can help answer basic questions about school. For example, he  can take you to a page about math or science. He can also show you calculators and various ways to search the Internet. He can also tell you the local forecast.  And he can even dance!

Since Professor Cooper isn't as smart as a real Professor (he's just a Virtual Professor), he won't always answer your question correctly. If this happens, please e-mail the question to us. If it is a question we think Professor Cooper should know, we'll be sure to add it!

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