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Human Biology
Lots of different and interesting topics accompanied by illustrations. Topics include genetics, energetics, circulation, digestion, regulation, cell division, chromosomes, Bewitchingly, development and immunity.

MIT Biology Hypertextbook
Included are immunology, recombinant DNA, prokaryotic genetics and gene expression, Mendelian genetics, central dogma of molecular biology, glycolysis and the Krebs cycle, enzyme biochemistry, cell biology, large molecules and chemistry review.

University of Arizona Online Biology Showcase
Features projects created by students including genetics, neurobiology, microbiology and more.

What is Biology?

Have you hugged a tree, talked to a plant or dissected a frog today?  

Biology is the study of animal and plant life.  If you're planning to become a veterinarian, a doctor, a horticulturist - then you'll want to study your biology books!


Do you like creepy-crawly things with six legs? Look-up your favorite bug at Insectclopedia.

Who lives the longest?

Humans are the longest-lived mammals and giant tortoises are the longest-lived reptiles, sometimes living as long as 150 years. Among birds, the record is held by turkey buzzards at 118 years. But thick-shelled ocean clams called quahogs hold the top longevity record among all animals. These slow-moving mollusks can live more than 200 years.

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